Toyota Tops Consumer Reports Reliability Probe

Toyota Tops Consumer Reports Reliability Examine

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Car News

Japanese automotive brands swept the top seven positions in the latest Consumer Reports reliability probe, with Toyota and its subsidaries Lexus and Scion taking the top three catches sight of.

Consumer Reports, the world’s largest independent product-testing organization, compiles data about “serious problems” from its subscribers to predict reliability on a range of models. This year’s probe looked at actual owners’ practices with more than 1.Two million fresh vehicles.

Toyota’s stellar spectacle was led by the two thousand twelve Toyota Prius C, which scored higher than any other vehicle in the probe. All three of Toyota’s other hybrid Prius models–the Prius V, Prius Plug-In and the standard hatchback Prius–scored above average too. These high ratings could help to dispel drivers’ doubts about the dependability of hybrids.

Of the twenty seven Toyota vehicles included in the report, sixteen earned the highest rating.

Other Japanese automakers also ranked at the top. Behind the trio of Toyota brands are Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Acura. Mazda’s fresh two thousand thirteen CX-5 helped it to earn a fourth place finish. An all-new model helped improve Subaru’s finish in the reliability examine too. The two thousand twelve Impreza earned a top rating while every other model in the automaker’s lineup also finished above average. Honda and its luxury brand Acura typically finish near the top too, with all Honda models ranking at least average for reliability.

Among European brands, Audi scored relatively very, with six of seven models posting scores of average or better. Among domestic automakers, Cadillac scored highest. Its best ranked model, the CTS Coupe, helped the brand budge up fourteen places over last year’s results. Chevrolet, another GM brand, improved its standings thanks in part to the plug-in hybrid Volt.

Albeit the top seven brands in the two thousand twelve Consumer Reports reliability examine hail from Japan, new-car shoppers need not buy an import for good reliability. In fact, most Japanese automakers build some vehicles here in the United States.

Furthermore, reliability reports like the latest one from Consumer Reports are not the only criteria new-car shoppers use when selecting the vehicle that’s best for them. The Toyota Prius c may be very rated, but a subcompact hatchback will not suit the needs of all drivers. Plus, these results rank vehicles relative to other fresh vehicles. Overall, many fresh cars are more dependable and well-built than ever. Choosing a vehicle that’s functional, comfy, safe, efficient and attractive can be just as significant as finding one that will present the fewest problems.

What it means to you: Reliability is often among the criteria that new-car shoppers use to find a vehicle that’s well-suited to their needs. The Consumer Reports investigate ranks brands’ and models’ reliability relative to the competition.

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