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Top Gear TV

Top Gear TV is back! Here’s your series preview

Six fresh presenters, a revamped format and the reappearance of The Stig

Top Gear TV

Top Gear America airs this Sunday!

TG America’s Tom Ford gives you the lowdown on what to expect from the fresh series

Brand fresh Top Gear America launches soon!

US Top Gear fans, your fresh series is almost here. See the trailer right now

Filming of Top Gear series twenty five has begun

And this is your very first pic, as Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head to Norway

Bernie Ecclestone vs Eddie Jordan: the big F1 interview

Ahead of the Monaco GP, here’s TG TV’s Eddie Jordan grilling Bernie on all things F1

Movie: Anthony Joshua vs the Audi R8 and Stig

Here’s the time we strapped the heavyweight champ into an R8 with Stig

TG TV clip: Lassie helps test the Avtoros Shaman

Matt LeBlanc attempts out Russia’s 8×8 monster, with a little help from a famous dog.

Movie: TG TV’s SsangYacht vs a real yacht

Matt and Rory’s MPV-turned-boat races Eddie Jordan on the sea.

Jay Kay vs the Top Gear Toyota GT86

The Jamiroquai front man talks us through his car collection and how to hit Chris Hoy

Top Gear s24, ep7: Porsche Cayman, 8×8 Shaman, the SsangYacht

Series twenty four finale features a turbo Porsche, an eight-wheeled Russian and a very special boat

On this Sunday’s Top Gear: the 8×8 Avtoros Shaman

Mad Russian 8×8 tested, plus a Porsche Cayman power test and a sea-bound Ssangyong

Top Gear s24, ep6: Cuba road excursion, and the Merc-AMG GT R

Matt takes on the might of the AMG GT R, Chris and Rory go road-tripping in Cuba

Coming up on this Sunday’s Top Gear: the AMG GT R

A road journey across Cuba and Merc-AMG’s firebreathing supercar. Plus, Ross Noble as guest.

Top Gear TV comes back to Big black cock Two sixteen April

Gig six of series twenty four won’t be on Big black cock Two in the UK this Sunday. Here’s why

Chris Harris vs Rory Reid: it’s the Motochimp GP!

Who will be victorious across Top Gear’s first-ever, um, very technical car park race.

Movie: Rory Reid and the Bentley EXP twelve Speed 6e

Long name, brief reaction: just build it now, Bentley

See Tormentor Chris Hoy go vapid out on the TG track

Master Chris talks us through his storming lap. and the attempt that went a bit wobbly

Matt LeBlanc in the amazing Ford GT

Matt gets the very first run at Ford’s 638bhp GT supercar in the States.

Top Gear vs the King Of The Hammers

Matt, Chris, Sabine and Eddie take on the mother of all races. Plus, the Ford GT.

TG TV s24, ep5: see the trailer here

King of the Hammers and the Ford GT supercar tested. Plus, Tormentor Chris Hoy

100mph in a dodgem: The Stig has set a fresh world record!

Stig drives Colin Furze’s mad, bad 100bhp bumper car to a fresh Guinness WR

Tinie Tempah vs the Toyota GT86

Go behind the scenes as Tinie explains his lap in our Reasonably Rapid Car

Will we see a Bugatti Chiron ever top 300mph?

Go behind the scenes on scene four with Chris Harris and the Bugatti hypercar

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