9 Unique And Funny Car Names

9 Unique And Funny Car Names

What’s in a name? That’s a question that can be inserted for many topics.

A person, place or thing. What makes it sing?

Awful rhyming attempt aside, there are a number of brands out there that have crafty names. They’re witty. They put on a smile on your face. (more…)

500-Mile Range, Over 186-MPH All-Electric QUANT F To Bow In Geneva

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Next month in Geneva nanoFlowcell AG will unveil its fully revised 1,075 horsepower all-electric QUANT F which shall sport a range of five hundred electrical miles from its salt-water-based fuel cell system.

The work behind this all-wheel-drive car with price undisclosed but formerly estimated north of $1 million builds on work underway since one thousand nine hundred ninety one for the company formally established in 2013. (more…)

21 Magazine Website Themes – Templates, Free – Premium Templates

21+ Magazine Website Themes & Templates

Magazines are the staple of the advertisement industries. Just as style and technologies keep rediscovering themselves; likewise magazines need to be versatile in their look and feel. The rapid growing industry is turning to templates to have the websites designed for their enhanced virtual presence which have some of the fantastic qualities that make them very feasible and attractive. (more…)