Ten Most Popular Luxury SUVs and Crossovers, J

ten Most Popular Luxury SUVs and Crossovers

Thinking of buying a luxury SUV? Something plush and upscale, yet ready for anything you might need to carry during any kind of weather? There are slew of them available, and this buyer’s guide details key aspects of the ten most popular* luxury SUVs in America, including pricing; quality, reliability, and appeal ratings; fuel economy; safety ratings; and cargo volume. (more…)

Ten Japanese sports cars from the 90s that must comeback – NY Daily News

The ten 90s Japanese sports cars that absolutely need to make a triumphant comeback

With Japanese automakers airing on the side of “family friendly” with every fresh model release, automotive enthusiasts, especially members of the Gran Turismo generation, can’t help but yearn for the glory days. The 1990s were the peak for Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Mazda, with a myriad of sports cars and European giant-slayers to choose from, many of which were affordable to the working class speed junkie. (more…)